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March 26, 2018


It's getting a little squirrelly at the coast

(Thanks to Michael Moyer, Roberto, Bill Hudgins, Rod Nunley, Steven Pudlo, Patty Villanova, Don Faber, Le Petomane, Al Barkafski, Dan Barr, DaninDallas, PirateBoy and Mark Schlesinger)


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Events like this are why my friend K and her fiance are flying to Vegas and hitting the Elvis Drive-Thru Chapel.

“They bother people,” Smith said. “Sometimes, they bite people, and steal their Doritos.”
There is nothing lower than a furry Dorito stealer.

NC - Don't I know it. I was married to one.

Personal ad found in several California newspapers:

"Rocky, if that is you recruiting ground squirrels, stop making a pest out of yourself and come home---please. I miss you."

"They're stealing our Humanity...and our Doritos."

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