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March 13, 2018


Here's a picture of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos eating an iguana

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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But did they dig up get Bert Parks to sing, "There She Is"?

(If you haven't previously, you need to see THE FRESHMAN.)

Now I imagine if you sign up for Amazon Prime, you will receive a free iguana. Great...just great. But it beats getting a free squirrel.

In a strange coincidence, "eat my iguana" is what I told Amazon when I cancelled my Prime membership. At least I think it was lizard-related.

@Frank Davuco--apparently Amazon listens to their customers.

We're off to heat the lizard....

At least he didn't put cream on it.

Wish I was in Tijuana...

I'm guessing "Iguana" is a young persons code name for something. I don't want to know what it is. (back on the geeeeezer bus...)

I hope he brought a doggie-bag for the diamond collar clad Persian cat he keeps in his Bond villain lair.

The guide on a horseback ride near Puerto Vallarta pointed to the iguanas we saw doing push-ups on the roofs of the houses we rode by and asked of we had ordered "chicken" entrees at our hotels, asserting that we had probably been eating lizard, instead.

* snork * at Ralph...

They don't mention if Burmese Pythons were on the menu.

I'm waiting for Arby's to somehow tie this into their "We Have the Meats" campaign.

Was this reported on the Mexican Radio?

For a moment I thought the story was "Iguana eats Bezos." Not"Bezos eats Iguana." That would of been much more interesting. Dull Dave strikes again.

"I can truthfully swear that I have never seen our president eat a rat"

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