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March 07, 2018


These Heavenly "Halo Brows" Are Strangely Beautiful

(Thanks to D Shey)


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If you stare in to the 'halo' long enough you can see Uranus.

I thought you said brews....

♫ Halo, I love you. Won't you tell me your name? ♫

It looks disturbingly like the neon uterus.

The Circle-brow because life is never "hairy enough"?

What next... a full beard...?

That looks like a Hollywood make-up job from Star Trek The Next Generation.

That Albuquerque woman should get one to offset the haircut.

UH, No.

It looks like she was at an Ash Wednesday service and the priest sneezed right as he put the ashes on her forehead.

If a woman puts a black spot in the center under that brow to represent an eye, could that mean she's a member of the Illiterati?

@Le Petomane: Or it could be this.

And, to take care of her new halo, she needs the shampoo.

Back on the geezer bus...

@wanderer2575---Thanks for reminding me it's time to watch the original Twilight Zone again.

This is blocked at work. looking at the comments, I should probably thank IT.

@nursecindy, I almost had spewage damage to my keyboard and monitor.
Next time, give a sister a 'swallow alert' before posting something that funny.

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