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March 08, 2018


Truck driver spills 60,000 pounds of beer on I-10 in Florida

(Thanks to Le Petomane and Jane Linderman)


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So he spilled 60,000 pounds of BUSCH beer?

It's a start.

So are the pythons going to party?

How much is that in Olympic swimming pools?

That's what happens when you hit one of those I-10 potholes while driving with an open container.

They sell beer by the pound in Florida?

We're gonna need a lot more salty snacks...

@LePet - Florida is just try to show how sphistkatd it is - that's the way they sell it in England.

Happened here in Texas a couple of days ago.
Its a conspiracy!

Coulda been worse, at least it wasn't real beer.

I'm Volunteering right now to help with the Clean Up. Have my own mug and everything.

I thought I felt a darkness in the Force.

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