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March 29, 2018


Houston-area couple woken up by doorbell camera only to find giant snake on their door

(Thanks to Bobby Grawl)

”Woken up?”


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Sealcoat your driveway...?

Texas Reptile Security Service. We guarantee a fresh snake daily.

It is almost as bad as WOKE whatever the heck that means.

Could this have been a calling card of a Jehovah's Witness team ? (Biblical reenactment ?)

I sssssseeee that you may need your roof fixssssed.

A used car salesman, a politician, a lawyer, and someone handing out Facebook CDs walk up to a doorbell camera....

(Yes, "Facebook CDs" is a geezer joke. Move along.)

Thoth-Amon came home drunk again.

wanderer beat me to it.

Australian says, "That's no snake. Now this is a snake."

I can just hear Dave and judi's thought bubble: "That's not a giant snake. A Burmese Python .. THAT'S a snake."

@Frank, I think you mean America Online CDs. Yes, I remember those. All bajillion of them.

Tell it to get lost, as St. Patrick's Day is well over.

Or maybe Aus needs a need ST.Paddy to drive them out...?


...needs a new St. Paddy to drive them out.

[You may panic now, or make your TypePad jokes below.-pretend Editor]

funny man--Maybe just type Saint Paddy...or maybe Patrick the Saint or The Saint Named Paddy Patrick? It's fun to cause editors to drink to excess.

Absolutely no ssssolicitors.

Especially lawyers.

I wonder if any of you saw movie titled "Ssssssss", from 1973.
No, it is not about cows, as you might guess, but SNAKES!

Woked? Aren't all these punkassed kids woked?

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