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March 19, 2018


Sheriff's lieutenant caught driving in reverse, honking horn for 'unknown reasons'

(Thanks to John Criswell and Le Petomane)


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If your car doesn’t have a backup beeper, honking is the responsible way to drive backwards while intoxicated.

BTW, surprising your wife with a backup beeper on her car is not considered to be a romantic anniversary gift.

I'm sure she had a perfectly logical explanation.

"It's important to understand that in the Third World most driving is done with the horn, or "Egyptian brake pedal," as it is known. There is a precise and complicated etiquette of horn use. Honk your horn only under the following circumstances:

1. When anything blocks the road.
2. When anything doesn't.
3. When anything might.
4. At red lights.
5. At green lights.
6. At all other times."

(P.J. O'Rourke, Holidays in Hell)

Send this gal to Flathead County.

That giant flushing sound you're hearing is a 20 year career going down the toilet.

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