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March 26, 2018


Look no farther.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I'd rather have the F-4

It would be an economical Easter gift because you could store it in the garage and use it again for Halloween.

Great. Now I'm getting ads for a cross and a Roman soldier.


Earthquake and lightning machine extra.

I had one of these 'turn your B&W TV into a color TV' plastic cover screens. The screen was blue at the top, orange in the middle and green on the bottom. Worked great for golf. I would have demanded my mom get me the tomb, too had it been available.

Writer's enhancement: I remember taping it onto our B&W TV and proclaiming how we now had color TV. We got color TV when I was around 15 years old. My dad bought the floor model at Sears and it stopped working in a few months. Come on. How many of you remember when Bonanza and Disney were the only shows in color? And how many of you admit to really wanting this cardboard cut-out tomb with rock to close yourself in?

Manual Tomato -

You forgot one, Mutual of Omaha's 'Wild Kingdom' was also in color at that same time!

manual tomato--You and Steve remind me why my shoulders hurt a lot nowadays. Spending one's childhood in the 1950's was an experience. I remember the "color TV" plastic screen, Howdy Doody and many shows that are long forgotten.
Also on the site selling the tomb, you can buy a neat small scale replica of Noah's Ark. Do you recall when Noah built his Ark? --It was before it started raining. We had corny jokes in those days, too.

Our family did not get a color TV until much later. I remember going to my uncle's house to watch Bonanza in color. Maybe Bonanza and Disney aired on Sundays? That may be how I knew Disney was in color. I watched Marlin Perkins back them, but not in color. I enjoy, like I think so many of you do, watching the old black and white shows and movies. I was watching Alfred Hitchcock the other night and I knew I had seen a young woman's face somewhere before. At the end of the show's credits, I learned the actress was Susanne Pleshette. I find myself searching online for actors and actress I may have never heard of that show up on old shows like Perry Mason and others. There are a lot of interesting people appearing on the old shows. Same for movies. I watch of a lot of old B & W programming at times.

What was the name of that kids show that showed bits of a cartoon at intervals? you stuck the plastic mat on the TV screen and traced the pieces of the picture to form the COMPLETE PICTURE. All the resulting cartoons were much less fun than writing on the TV. It wasn't Droodles, though that was sort of similar...

I'm gonna watch PERRY MASON tomorrow morning. Not bragging..just sayin.

It's just like getting an Easter basket full of candy! Both are empty by the third day.

Looks like it came straight from a planetary set on the original Star Trek. Are styrofoam rocks available separately as an accessory?

We also need cardboard cutouts with red shirts on.

I have 3 older siblings, who were 13, 10 & 8 when my mother sat them down and asked them which they'd rather have -- a TV set or a baby brother or sister. My mother cried for days because it had not entered her mind that they'd choose a TV. Luckily my uncle took pity on the lot of them and bought one or I might not have survived infancy.

N.N.- Winky Dink!

*warms up the geezer bus*

For non-geezers, Google WINKY DINK AND YOU. Bill Gates called it "the first interactive television show."

It ran from 1953 to 1957.

Tes, I'm old.

Rock of ages, cleft for me
Let me rock and roll with thee....

Where's the Passover Moses Parting the Red Sea stand up?

Davey of "Davey and Goliath" would probably love such a gift.

OK, my turn to confess. I had some kind of fort, probably Davy Crockett labeled, that consisted of a hunk of plastic printed with log patterns, which my Mom then put over her good card table. I spent hours in that stupid claustrophobic asphyxiatory thing. If she hadn't hosted bridge club that week I probably would have suffocated in there.

corpse not included

The two I remember most:

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - In Color.

Also, don't forget The FBI, a Quinn Martin Production.
When I was 4, I thought that was the actual name of the show.

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