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March 08, 2018


Science Proves That Drinking Beer In The Shower Makes People Smarter And More Creative

(Thanks to Steve Pudlo)


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So people with a blood alcohol level of 0.75 consider themselves to be more creative?

Case closed! You can't argue with that.

Read the report on line at the Foster Brooks web site.


We all know drinking beer makes you smarter, but in the shower? I believe this "scientific" study was financed by law enforcement so people nailed for DWI will smell better for the booking.

AND...if you sing Barry Manilow, while showering and drinking, you become a GENIOUS !

It also makes you funnier and a better dancer.

LeDud Nooooooo!

It probably works by encouraging shower peeing.

Imagine how smart you could be if you drink on the toilet!

"Share this golden info [about drinking beer while showering]. . ." The writer should have re-considered putting the words "golden" and "shower" so close together.

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