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March 07, 2018


Video teaches Japanese schoolgirls how to pick panties out of their butts without anyone noticing

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Why not just select a different style of undies?

Uranus is in the news a lot lately.

I'm curious about how much these girls had to be paid to become the face of this problem to inquiring minds everywhere.

At last, an instructional video that is worthwhile!

I honestly thought Pantsu Kuikomu was another of those weird Pokemon characters.

If they wouldn't put them in thar in the first place they wouldn't have this problem.

Is there also an instructional video for how to discretely pick you nose?

If no one notices, what's the point ?

Whoever made that video is a true artist. A regular Picasso.

But then I can't use my "Are you going to the movies?" joke, which cracks (heh, heh) me up every time.

To quote "Gibbs" from NCIS: Is that even a thing?

Floss like a boss.

It was really big when Pantsu Kuikomo opened for Cheap Trick at Budokan in 1978.

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