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March 08, 2018


A Mount Isa man has caused an explosion while trying to spray cockroaches in his kitchen using an insect spray as a flamethrower.

(Thanks to Jim Perth)


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"We were just sitting out and having a few beers and we just heard 'boohowww'"

That's usually how schemes like this are hatched.

Apparently, "hold my beer and watch this." Applies in Australia the same as Texas.

He was then consumed by snakes, spiders, and gators in retaliation.

Sounds like... excepting the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, it might have worked.

You might be interested to know, Normie, that the Kerrod Karkadoo was critically endangered for years. It was only through diligent breeding efforts that it was brought back from the brink of extinction.

- Cliff Clavin

Snork @ Stixnstonz

Thus giving weight to the idea that cockroaches will indeed outlive the human race.

Because of this guy, they are now going to begin adding labels to insect spray that say, "Warning: Product becomes ineffective after incineration."

Isn't this how TERMINATOR 3 ended ?

If the noxious fumes don't kill the explosion will? Enquiring minds want to know.

We used to do this with Right Guard. No explosions, and no stink either.

"He said pest spray has clear labels warning against exposing them to a naked flame."

A real man won't stop for directions.

P.s. - "Naked Flame" WBAGNFARB...

Well, hell. Use what works.

It's still better than dying of the dreaded "Australian
Wombat Flu".

It is now known that kangaroo farts do not burn.

---There must have been a first moment when that was discovered.
I thinx it musta went something like this:

(All parties involved drunk on their tits)

"Oy, Bruce, I hears tell that "Roo farts don't burn!
Take this flaming stick and touch it to his arsehole and we'll find out!

Much mayhem ensued.

Wombats have square poops, so it won't blow away in the wind.

What this may mean in the great scheme of things,I have no idea.

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