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March 19, 2018


Now: Dipped.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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No, it looks exactly like being attacked by a toddler with some crayons.

First impression, get a band-aid!

Coffee flavored...?

Is that strawberry or cherry flavored? And can you get it with sprinkles?

Coincidentally, my local ice cream stand re-opened over the weekend.

The reason why dipped eyebrows work is everything else is kept minimal.

So, I'm guessing the gal with black lipstick didn't get that news flash.

Not that many years ago, the saying: "I'll be dipped" had a totally different meaning.

I don't remember ever being bored by my eyebrows.

My buddy says he got into a lot of trouble for brushing his arches at McDonald's.

Step 1: get intoxicated

Step 2: grab the lip liner instead of the eyebrow pencil

Step 3: pretend you just invented a new fashion trend

Reading this blog frequently results in raised eyebrows.

Well, I'll be not dipped!

Best example of a unibrow which never requires 'dipping':
Laura San Giacomo.

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