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March 07, 2018


Police apprehend chicken running wild outside Olive Garden

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Does the definition of Free Range include chickens from the parking lot?
They have the fresh part covered


Must have escaped from KFC across the road.

That was a close call for Olive garden. They came close to losing their entire week's supply of chicken.

I saw Absconding Chicken open for The Byrds.

Tonight Special: Maine Free-Range Chicken

They serve chickens at Olive Garden?

(Next time politely ask to see a credit card or cash before you take the chicken's order!)

Otherwise assume a fowl experience!

" Protective Custody " usually entails relocation to a new city under an assumed name.

Snork at 'beaked bandit'.

"Diners, because our chicken special for tonight was a runaway hit we have changed it to veal".

Breadsticks vs. drumsticks.

It was screaming "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Clankie - maybe relocation to Flathead County?

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