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March 31, 2018


Suffolk County district judge apologizes, admits he's serial underwear stealer


(Thanks to Stella Rondo, Another Ralph, Michael Parry, Chris Elzi and Al Barkafski)


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In Cook County (Illinois), stealing underwear wouldn’t cause much of a problem

What kind of cereal is this underwear made of?
Oh, ser.. Never mind.

I saw Underwear Stealers open for Bare Naked Ladies.

He just loved going over her briefs...maybe too much!

Incredibly no mention of the amount of years you can spend behind bars in this stand-out clarification on the subject.

Fetishism can cause really bad problems if left untreated. In my years working in mental hospitals I found there are others. Dendrophilia,falling in love with trees is rough but objectophilia, falling madly in love with inanimate objects such as trash cans or telephone poles can really mess a person up. Another hospital had a guy who was madly in love with a clock. It was a grandfather clock, not a cuckoo.

Shorts in the tort courts.

Reminds me that there are more episodes of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in to binge watch. I know this a geezer moment but who remembers "Here comes the Judge"?

Le Petomane: It wasn't, but he was?

Oh oh. Shorts on the highway.

"They reportedly found several pairs of soiled women's underwear on him, which the victim identified as her own."

"on him" as in his possession, or wearing? Big difference.

He's cleared for a guest appearance with the underwear gnomes on South Park.

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