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March 08, 2018


In a move that can only be described as utterly Canadian, hundreds of doctors in Quebec are protesting their pay raises, saying they already make too much money.

(Thanks to Michael Parry)


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I can't think of anything funny to say about this. I worked over seven years in mental hospitals and nurses were the ones on the front lines 24/7. When a crisis hit at night, most of the times the nurse had the problem under control before a doctor showed up. Doctors are great and have many years of training, but nurses are underpaid, always have been.

Those radical, reasonable Canadians. What is the world coming to, eh?

Establish a fund with the unwanted medical pay to cover the cost of surgically depriving Justin Bieber of virility.

I agree with Le Pet but I suspect that this group consists primarily of students and university professors. I'll be more impressed if the group represents anglophone specialists who can move somewhere else if their incomes are cut.

Check the nitrous line in the office for leaks.

I'm sure this will catch on with American doctors too - not.

I would be quite delighted to have this problem!

Apologies to Aerosmith:

Well I woke up this morning
On the wrong side of the bed
And I got mad just thinkin'
About the things those doctors said

How ordinary physicians
Always tell us that we're sick
And if over billing us kicks back on them
Then I hope this does the trick

'Cause I'm sick of them complainin'
About how they treat the ill
And I'm sick of always paying
For their potions and their pills

And I just can't see no humor
About their way of life
And I think I can do more for them
To cause them pain and strife

Tax the rich
There's only one thing that they are good for
Tax the rich
Pay one tax now- come back for more
Tax the rich

I gotta say this, hear me roar
Tax the rich
Pay one tax now - next year pay more.
Tax the rich


Le Pet: amen

Hugs the stuffing out of Le Petomane. Thank you.


(that's the sound Lepetomane makes when having his stuffing hugged out)

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