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March 13, 2018


Family accidentally eats 21-year-old Quaker Oats cereal they got from Walmart

(Thanks to Ralph)


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SO the oats are old enough to drink?

BTW, those 'raisins' are really dead flies.

I don't remember submitting this. However, my memory may be affected by food preservatives.

Interesting picture choice. Maybe they got ergot poisoning and decided to act out an episode of "Scandal"

How could they tell the difference?

Denver 7 reached out to Walmart and PepsiCo, Quaker’s parent company, for comment on the stomach-churning purchase. While Pepsi didn’t respond, Walmart said it was looking into the incident.
Yeah, this ain't Quaker's responsibility. It's Walf@art's.

I was looking at the 'discount/clearance' shelves at my local Kr0g3r store. One of the assistant managers was there and we were chatting while I was looking at stuff. I found a box of the contact lens solution that I use, but the expiration date on the box said it had expired ten months ago. I showed it to the gal.
But she said, "Oh. People never look at those expiration dates anyway."
Um. I'm right here and you just saw me look at it. I brought it to your attention. It's expired contact lens solution. It's not safe. You're supposed to throw it away.

MOTW, did you buy it ?

Of course not.

The Quaker Oats man on the box had brown hair. That should have been their first clue.

They used to make food without expiration dates. That stuff would last forever.

In our house, we always debate about using products after the so-called expiration date. "It's only 3 months, no problem."

Still better than anything from Whole Foods....

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