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March 12, 2018


Hanging out this week with two very funny guys, Alan Zweibel and Adam Mansbach, promoting our Passover Haggadah, For This We Left Egypt? As sensitive individuals, Adam and I are trying not to draw attention to the fact that Alan (at left, with enormous head) has a ridiculously large head, so please try not to notice it. 



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Notice what?

I thought maybe his face was just a lot closer than his body.

Alan you look a lot like Placido Damingo a man I could stunt double for if He ever needed a stunt double. And Alan if you are reading this ask Joe Kenda why He is in the picture?

As a fellow cranially-endowed individual (hat size 8), I would welcome Alan ("the Other Shulman") Zweibel to join my fight to force manufacturers to remove the "One Size Fits All" tags from baseball hats.
As a kid, I once went trick-or-treating in my baseball uniform, and an old lady asked if I was dressed up as a bobble-head doll.

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