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February 27, 2018


Alligator Keeps Family Trapped Inside Florida Home

(Thanks to Mr. Dick Lobo)


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The situation with the homeless here is the same.

One thing that has changed in recent years. Instead of beg for money, they DEMAND you give it to them. Much like a gator commands.

Was't it Bill Clinton who said, "Keep you friends close and alligators closer?"

(and it remains to be seen if he was talking about his wife...)

Maybe he just wanted some Gatorade.

Thank you...

I understand that the scent of Manilow will repel most reptiles.
Just sayin'

ding dong Door to door shoe sales!


^5 Jeff

I mentioned to someone that between the alligators and pythons, his Florida vacation might be permanent. And then I asked if I could have his parking spot at the train station

A string of firecrackers usually takes care of this sort of thing.

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