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February 13, 2018


Kansas official rules that Angus, a dog, can't run for governor

(Thanks to Fabian Marson, Roberto, Michael Parry and Chris Elzi)


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Well, that leaves an opening for my cat. I am not sure though if she wants this responsibility.

It would have given politicians a new excuse to do nothing -- "the dog ate my bill."

What are they doing with all of them already in politics?

But he’s a good dog!

In Illinois, it would have a better chance of not being indicted

That's just a doggone shame.

Angus would be a big step up from our Governor....

A female dog or two has run for office, at least that is what I've heard.

Kansas election law is very ruff ruff

At least dogs can rest assured that if you're a feline you can't vote.

That's okay, as there are lots of other government positions he can seek or be appointed to. Just ask McGruff the crime dog, or nerdy Underdog.

I'd heard Angus had already picked Toto as his running mate. Two political careers have gone, but not to the dogs.

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