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February 08, 2018


70,000 karaoke microphones recalled across Canada over explosion concerns

(Thanks to Roberto)


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At The Copa! Copacabana! BLAM!
No, I'm not seeing a problem here.

Karaoke with exploding mics would be something I would really enjoy, unlike the present version.

They obviously ignored the warning label: "Not for use in shower."

That's what the shampoo bottle is for.

P.s. - Nurse Cindy - Thanks. Now I need some hydrogen peroxide to kill the ear worm you just gave me! "Her name was LolAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

All in a day's work for Beaker.

Exploding Microphones. Didn’t I see them open for Psychedelic Furs at the Garden?

I hope they are more exciting than the exploding beetles.

Either you pick up all the mikes for safety reasons, shutting the karaoke bars down,


You leave exploding mikes in all the karaoke bars, thus shutting them, and a lot of their patrons, down.

This could work out okay.

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