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February 07, 2018


Having hairy nipples could signal a serious health problem

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Especially for women, right?


Didn't Harry Nipples run for congress or something?

According to a scientific study we know McDonalds french fries can cause hair growth. I bet there are hundreds of 'scientists' applying for grants to do a study to find out if hairy nipples could be caused by eating at McDonalds.

We are all covered on hair?

Huh. I learn new things all the time from UK news sites, although their English is strange.

What about the hairy eyeball from Alice's Restaurant?

That's what I kept trying to tell Mom.

It's the hair on the top of their toes that distracts me.

I saw Hairy Nipples open for the Jimmy Castor Bunch about a zillion years ago. Talk about a bunch of neanderthals.

Or you are a barber!

In my country, is fashion statement.

Wasn't Harry Nipples the lead singer of a UK Boy Band?

Warning: This link is the full "Party Posse" Simpsons episode.

Harry Nipples was an old jazz singer, right?

You can still find and buy his old 78's....

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