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February 08, 2018


Bad info from Spirit Air led me to flush pet hamster down airport toilet, student says


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Not only that, it was her emotional support hamster.

If they told you to jump of a cliff, would you do it?

It says that she's a student. It doesn't mention what special needs classes she is evidently taking...
(I'm thinking she flushed it because putting it in the garbage would have been cruel, right?)

Pebbles deserves a proper memorial service like this hamster.
Pumpernickel's funeral.

Heartless bastards.

The worst part of the article is the fact that some airlines allow emotional support squirrels


I hope this little twit is charged with animal abuse.

Future Appeals Court judge

She's thinking maybe now Grandpa will buy her that emotional support pony she has always wanted. That little monster of a hamster bit her every chance it got.

What is this girl's major malfunction?

I recall reading a story about an guy who killed a ferret at an airport that was not allowed on a flight. He had been diagnosed with serious mental issues prior to the event. As a ferret owner, that story still haunts me and I never shared the article with anyone else who owned ferrets.

There is a really good reason rodents aren’t allowed on planes. While the Snowflake might have been comforted by her emotional support hamster, if it got loose on the plane it could do significant damage. Rodents chew through wires. Wires on airplanes are associated with important systems like flight controls. It would be asking too much of Karma to suggest that the Snowflake or someone she loves be a passenger when Pebbles chews through enough wires to crash the airplane. Even the Air Force grounds a cargo plane when a rodent is observed until the exterminators are done and a full system check is completed.

"What hamster?" she said loudly to cover the scrambling in her pocket.

OK, OK!!! I’ll finally break down and subscribe to the Miami Herald. Does this mean Dave gets s sales commission?

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