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February 02, 2018


Militant vegans send death threats to farmer whose cow had triplets

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w)

Bonus: How To Make Vegan Pizza.


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Someone has to say Militant Vegans WBAGNFARB, so I will.

Suzie, didn’t Militant Vegans open for Strawberry Alarm Clock? Or maybe it was the Cranberries...

I worked with a vegan once. He always looked hungry so I was a little nervous around him.

I always had at least one student in a field camp who was a self-described vegan. Turns out, that meant nothing but salads, potato chips and deserts. They usually lasted about three days before discovering the value of protein in their diet.

Militant Vegans are always a welcome addition to my table.

Wasn't it the cow's business how many children she had? Why were the vegans mad. I don't understand.

Stop with the hating on vegans. We catch a lot more shit from folks then we give out. Yes Vegans do get protein in their diet. No we're not always hungry. No we don't eat salads potato chips and deserts and then see the error of our ridiculous ways. Look it up. Don't be food nazis.

If I hate bigots, does that make me a bigot bigot so I have to hate myself?

evilroy, I was only talking about the vegan I worked with and not all vegans. Lighten up a little! Go have a chickpea salad sandwich and relax.

Let me guess, some of your best friends are vegans, you just wouldn't want your sister to marry one. By the way vegan pizza generally sucks. Also nurses are awesome. That's my manifesto so far. Is this lighter?

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