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February 13, 2018


Elk takes down helicopter in Utah

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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The Squirrels are doing high fives over their success at brainwashing that elk.


I think Farmers Insurance already did it.

Why aren't more high school sport teams named after the "Elks". Now "Bambi" I understand why not.

Darwin award to the crew who tried to net an elk for research without tranquilizing it first. Elk are big, and they will fight back. Too bad the elk died.

If you're fishing for elk from a helicopter, you're supposed to reel them in before you use the landing net.

Oh, I knew him well. His name was Lawrence W.Elk.

They could easily find pre-tranquilized elks.

Just visit any Elks Lodge.

"Oh, you'll use a net to fish for elks from a helicopter."

I don't remember that job from my High School career day.

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