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February 28, 2018


East Alton Firefighters 'Rescue' Teenager Stuck In A Baby Swing

(Thanks to Fabian Marson)


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It was a double dog dare.

I'm sure his friends will be very sympathetic, and will not plaster this all over social media, YouTube, etc.

Wanna be a swinger?

Yeah, pad, his friends are right now curling up with their phones and Cheeto flavored Tide Pods for a good trolling.

"Hold my smoothie and watch this." The next thing she knew she had hot videos and pictures of her swinging adventures all over the Internet. Her parents must be so proud.

Which proves that deer that obey stop signs are smarter than teenagers.

Although to be perfectly fair, his mental age qualified him to be in a baby swing. Maybe I'd better stay away from that particular playground.

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