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February 26, 2018


Doctors express worry as people inject themselves with poo at home

(Thanks to W. Von Papineau)


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All the cool kids are doing it. Why not you?

I'm gonna inject your soul with some sweet steaming rockin' roll poo aAnd shoot you full of rhythm and poo.

Well, I'm a cement mixer, baby
A churning urn of burning stool

Now, I'm a Napalm bomb, baby...I'm bound to poo all over you.

Kudos to manual tomato!
I don't care how "politically correct" we're supposed to be now. If I had someone that had done this and then came to my E.R. I'd find 10 different ways to call them a dumb@ss and none of them would be P.C.

I hear it's the perfect accompaniment to Tide Pods. Grass fed poop is preferred to common grain fed poo.

@ manual tomato--great poo song lyrics!! And so appropriate since I'm having a colonoscopy in the morning. Maybe I can stop singing the poo song in my head a few days from now.

Ironically, this may help clean the gene pool.

Last night I went to the grocery store. I asked my wife if she wanted something. She said molasses. This morning when I went to my desk the jar of molasses was sitting in front of my keyboard. She came in and asked if I would open it, she had washed it off real good in case any rats had pooed on it. We watch the online notices of restaurants and grocery stores who have been closed due to rat or cockroach infestation. A lot of places no longer get our business. I have a very expensive dry heat sterilization machine of my own at home. I have boxes of latex gloves I am ordered to take the trash out with. I am forbidden to pick up dead rabbits or mice in the yard. I can not touch soil when gardening. I have to use a straw to drink from a glass in a restaurant. I could go on and on. My sister-in-law is an allergist. My children call her the germ-o-phobe. Oh yeah, I am thinking of wearing a protective mask along with my wife where ever I go. So, if I ever meet you, don't touch me.

Le Petomane - pucker up.

manual tomato: If you're supposed to stay away from poo, why get a jar of mole asses? And did you ever wonder what they do with the rest of the moles?

Ralph - I get complained at enough at home.

Maybe the Blog has an explanation for this.

My sister-in-law, the germ-o-phobe was out to visit last year. She asked my wife, "why do you have to kiss?"

I think she was generalizing. Makes me look better.

As gross as it sounds, this "transplant" is the easiest way to knock out and cure a C-Diff. bacterial infection. Having to repeatedly sterilize the houses of multiple relatives who had this infection, I'd have no problem allowing a doctor to give me this via an NG tube. Finding a willing family donor, however? That could take a long time!

The federal government has decided that every city should have one easy to find place where you can get this stuff.

Just look for the House at Pooh Corner

Anyone know where I can score some sh!t?

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