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February 28, 2018


The Vatican has reportedly set up a new exorcism training course amid soaring demand for priests trained to rid people of demonic possession.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Another role for interns with real growth potential
Almost enough to make my head spin!

How do you know if it works ? Do they stop tweeting...?

I have an idea, a business idea. Vatican should set up an exorcising shop, de-demonizing center. People would send there they loved ones, possessed by the evil spirits, in straight jackets. There the exorcists would do their job and send demon free people back to the sender, for a nominal fee. Kind of assembly line.
Just from my wife's family I could provide several clients. Vatican could do a great business.

Qaz - "Demon-free... Or your next visit is free!"

Diet and sxorcise again? Can't i just take a pill?

^ My keyboard is possessed.

Qaz -- isn't that an Apple genius bar?

The Vatican has been missing business opportunities for years. Here is a plan to solve the problem.
They could sell "Demon-Be-Gone" Holy water over the Internet and possibly through select outlets around the world. Also offer high powered squirt guns. That'll fix those demons and turn a tidy profit.

Life long Catholic here and I've never seen an exorcism so this article makes absolutely no sense to me. Don't much like the tone of the article either. On the other hand I have been accidentally baptized twice so what do I know? I sponsored two families who were joining the Church and the priest not only baptized them but me as well. He asked me why I didn't stop him and I told him I figured it wouldn't hurt me to get an extra baptism or two.

International Association of Exorcists? They have to join a union. Do they get time-and-a-half for those really long horror shows.

So nc, church makes you wet? Sorry.

And Ralphie is sexorcising again.

When I think about excorsist I always think about the opening scene in the "Scarry Movie", with James Woods, or Leslie Nielsen in "Re-posesed", with real Linda Blair.

Loudmouth how did you get that out of my comment? The baptism part maybe? IMHO, your comment is disgusting and insulting to me. Please redirect any future comments away from me. I'm not kidding either.

Is the daily special in the training course cafeteria pea soup?

Oh, and NC: I had a conversation with my parish priest regarding re-baptism, given that many people assume that a return to the faith requires re-sprinkling or re-dunking, and he assured me that baptism is a one-shot deal...either have been or you haven't.

However, my policy has always been that if you have a chance of picking up any little extra graces that might have been scattered about, I say go for it.

K my priest did it by accident. I was sponsoring two sets of people joining the Church and he got me twice while he was baptising them. I thought it was funny. I agree about any little graces being very beneficial. I apologize for getting angry earlier. I've had a horrible month but that's no excuse. Some moron was doing some target practice a few weeks ago and put two bullets through my kitchen window. If I'd been standing at my sink or stove it would have killed me. I'm having a hard time dealing with this. Plus my dog died a week before Christmas and the fifth anniversary of my mother's death is coming up. So, apologies to anyone I offended. The worst part of all this is now I have to go to confession. Boy is my priest going to be surprised to see me! k, your comment made me feel so much better. Thanks.

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