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February 12, 2018


I’ve attempted to definitively answer the question of how fast The Rock needs to jump in Skyscraper here.

-- Andrew Simmons


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Now that is a worthwhile way for a guy to spend his time in his mom's basement.

Future Summer Olympic event.

The Rock should be gratified to know that I succeeded on my third attempt. So, two stunt doubles should be more than sufficient.

The weary world rejoices- we were on the edge of our seats trying to calculate this...

So, 13m+ per second is required. I've seen the preview for this so I know D(tR)J's character has one artificial leg. I also can do math so I know Usain Bolt averages 10m per second. Which means, Usain better not enter the Paralympics or he's gonna get his butt kicked.

Clanky, have you been watching the snowboarders? They make that jump look like a bunny hop.

The minimum is 11.4 meters per second, and the max is 13.8 m/s. At 11.4, he'd be going about 25.5 miles per hour. At 13.8, he'd be rocking it at almost 31 miles per hour.

That's a fast Rock.

More entertaining at 15.3 meters per second.

I'll never get that minute of my life back. It was an amusing minute, however.

Hey, Jeff Meyerson. I'm 63! I did it in my own living room!! My mother passed away years ago!!! And she never even had a basement!!!! But proud to be called a guy.

One could spend all day "practicing" this.

pats Andrew consolingly on the shoulder There, there, buddy. It's gonna be ok

This is exactly the kind of science I need in my life. Thank you Andrew "I swear I've got my own place" Simmons!

Alternate explanations on pages 2 and 3.

I did 3 in a row. Shouldn't I win a bitcoin or something ?

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