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February 12, 2018


Shay Mitchell Runs Naked Through L.A. to Celebrate YouTube Milestone

(Thanks to Fabian Marson)

Shirtless man runs onto LAX runway, grounds flights

(Thanks to Jane Linderman)



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1. Who's Shay Mitchell?
2. She's not naked
3. But thanks for sharing

Why does stuff like this not happen in Chicago.
Negative wind chill index

Naperville pretty often, though

Ah, the immortal "Why the heck not?" rationale. Dependable, time after time.

Video 1 — Obviously not Shy Mitchell. And the buns really don't require descriptive labeling.

Video 2 — Another example of LAX security.

Can I have 5 minutes and 24 seconds of my life back, please? I'd rather watch paint dry than listen to her inane giggles. The twisting video also made me nauseous.

And stay off my lawn! Whippersnappers.

These kids today!

Remember the good old days when people streaked for no reason at all?

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

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