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February 10, 2018


Man steals car outside Sartell Walmart, calls owner for help

(Thanks to Le Petomane, coscolo and Patty Villanova)


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Bull. What model of car was this? To auto-start a GM vehicle, you must first (using the key fob) lock the doors; then you can start the car. So your doors are locked, your ignition and steering wheel are locked, and no one can get into your car or drive it.

This sounds like someone who left her car running while she shopped.

He couldn't find a tank, police car, ambulance or fire truck, so why not?

I see folks start their cars as the train pulls up to the station
My anti theft device is the slipping transmission, quirky heat and exhaust leaks.

The check engine light is baby sh!t

I knew a man whose business took him to rough areas on both sides of the Mexican border. He bought a late model Jeep, scrapped the cab and put a beat-up Gremlin body on the Jeep. He added a switch that could cause oil to shoot into the exhaust so it appeared the engine was on it's last legs. He drove that Jeep for years and nobody tried to steal it--or rob the poor dude who had to drive such a junker.

I hate to admit it, but when I was fourteen or so, my buddy would wait for his parents to go out on Friday or Saturday night. He (We) would then get the spare set of keys to the car they didn't take and go 'joyriding' all over town. Sometimes He would let me drive while He tried to pick up chicks. We were successful often. I came within 1/4 inch of crashing into a car while diving on snow covered streets. His step father was a used car salesman and brought a lot of cool cars home. We took them for months until He got caught because the car broke down and He had no way of putting it back before they got home. I asked him what was wrong with the car. He said, "missing the radiator." Another buddy acquired a very unique 1950 Ford sedan before any of us had a license. The old Ford was chopped off at the windshield with no sign of a body from the windshield to the back end. No car from the windshield back. Only a floorboard. No seats, no body, no nothing. We sat on a wooden box the drive the car. It would lay rubber forever no weight. Imagine a couple of thirteen-year-olds smokin the tires endlessly, so much so the entire neighborhood came to their front doors to see what the hell that noise was. Then when my friend would take it out alone, I could stand and watch over the hills which route and streets He was on because the smoke looked like hat a mosquito spraying truck left behind rising up above the trees and houses. When one of the older guys need tires or parts for their car, my buddy would grab a bumper jack and some tools and take the parts from a car on the used car lot down the street. My buddy was in the penitentiary telling stories about his boss 1950 Ford by the time He was eligible to be tried as an adult.If you are having trouble picturing my friend and I with his 1950 Ford, the car look like this, but with the body missing from the windshield back.

My buddy was far more sophisticated than the guy in this story. Hell, my buddy was Cock.

I also call Bull. I don't know about the doors having to be locked (wasn't necessary on the aftermarket system I had installed on a previous vehicle), but the key needs to be in the ignition (or the fob in the area) when the brake pedal is pressed before putting the car in gear. Elf Odin is right; it wasn't remote start but rather that she left the engine running.

If I walked past a car and it started up with no one inside I would assume it came to life Herbie the Love Bug style and want me to go with it. Who wouldn't?

This was a Seinfield scene wasn't it?

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