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February 08, 2018


A simple sketch of a suspected thief in Pennsylvania drawn by a witness to the crime has been mercilessly mocked on social media


(Thanks to Roberto, John Lobert and Le Petomane, who says "You would never forget a face like that.")


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I'm assuming ImNotDave meant to write "Gilligan." ?

Which was better than my first thought of Jughead.


Chico Marx? Moe Howard?

"... The suspect's whereabouts are unknown."

The suspect was last seen running through the Bumstead's back yard, but disappeared between the Jumble and Daily Crossword.

Danny Kaye?

Definitely Chico Marx.


Add the glasses and the horizontal striped shirt and... ah crap, Waldo'll still be really hard to find.

So how many nanoseconds will it take the Internet to photoshop that face onto, well, everybody?

It "appears" that the police sketch artist was on vacation so the police posted the 12 year old witness' sketch of the criminal who "stole mommy's purse".

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But the big story is that it WORKED! http://lancasteronline.com/news/local/police-description-sketch-led-to-arrest-warrant-for-man-accused/article_ca2b02a0-0b86-11e8-aaec-cb178f6f6dc7.html

Tim's link .. pretty amazing

I can understand why he went to a life of crime. Being stuck with a mug like that would cause anyone to break bad.

Pinky Lee

Chico Marx gets my vote. Probably mafia.

I suspect it IS Waldo. Otherwise , why is he always hiding?

And Snork @ Le Pet!

Hung Phuoc Lose

On "Homicide Hunter" true crime series they had a police sketch that ended up looking like an alien, big head, big almond shaped eyes. The guy they caught looked like an alien.

They only looked for this guy after Phil Collins, Chico Marx, and Jason Mraz produced air tight alibis.

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