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February 11, 2018


Subway employee hides gun in mayonnaise after threatening customer

Key Excerpts:

According to an arrest affidavit, Moore got a gun from his car and, “began waving the gun in the [customer’s] direction while repeatedly saying, ‘What now?’”

When police arrived, they asked Moore about the gun but he said he didn’t have a gun, and instead, “used a hair brush to make [the customer] and his family ‘believe he had a gun.’”

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says “They’ll never look in the mayo box.”)


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"Put the Mayo on the bun and the lettuce on top, please."

"You are scaring the crap out of me."

Darn it! Now the bad guys know where I hide my Glock.

Officers were called to a Subway on Clarksville Pike around 4:30 Saturday afternoon by a customer. That customer told officers he was in the restaurant with his family when he and an employee, Tazmane Moore, got in an argument over how a sandwich was made.

Another temperamental sandwich artist.

I'd like to see Gordon Ramsey criticize that guy's culinary skills.

He mayo-nly get give years.

^five. Darn typos!

The employee will also likely lose his night job at the Mayo Clinic.

Maybe it’s where I hang out, but I assume every Subway employee is packing heat

Moron. Always put it under the spinach. Hardly anybody eats that.

Bill.....we miss you at the Y.....

If one more person asks me ... 28 ways to make the person making your sandwich at Subway hate you.

It looks like this customer found reason #29.

My S(n)ubway experience:
SD: (Subway Drone - barely able to understand English)
What you want?
Me: 6 inch on Italian bread,
SD: What meat you want?
Me: Please put light mayo on the bread first,
SD: (Doing an imitation of Bambi in headlights and a bobble-head doll)
What meat you want?
ME: chicken, AFTER you put light mayo on the bread PLEASE!
SD: proceeds to but meat on roll sans Mayo.
At which point I walked out of the store.

I then went to the Deli down the block where I got a sub made just the way I wanted. So why you may ask didn't I go to the Deli first?
There was no line at the Subway. Go figure.

Also, this groundbreaking legal opinion: Judge rules that a burrito is not a sandwich.

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