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February 07, 2018


She alleges Lovense fails to notify its customers that its smartphone app-controlled vibrators collect and transmit information about how they are used.

(Thanks to Hank Barthel)


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Oh, God, no!

Yeah, well, either she walked out of the mall with one of those things in a pink bag, or Amazon knows too.

Didn't "smartphone app-controlled vibrator" give her a clue?

I didn't think there were that many options.

As a database type person, I've got to wonder if all the data is going into a normalized database ? If so, what do they do with all the abnormal data ? (NTTAWWT)

Well, a vibrator seller sorta, kinda - knows but may have a shadow of a doubt that the device MIGHT just be used for low back massage which may look like er upper thigh behind massage?

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