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February 13, 2018


Can you spot the woman hiding from police in this picture?


(Thanks to Le Petomane and Ralph)


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How stupid?! Didn't she realize the laundry basket had HOLES that they could probably see right through?!?? Sheesh...

I agree with Stix... She should have hidden in a dry-cleaner plastic bag. (no holes)


In her defense, for many men there is no such thing as a laundry basket

I have laundry that can do that.

What a basket case.

Shh. We're hunting wabbits.

That looks like a child in the lower left of the photo.

Key quote: the eagle-eyed PCs were on fine form and saw through the disguise.

Standing on the scale is a nice touch.

Allegory of a certain personal e-mail server.

There is a suspicious bulge in "her" pants, just saying....

She was going to make a quick getaway, but her disguise hampered her efforts.

If she would've closed her eyes she could've become invisible.

The white shoes gave her away.

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