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February 27, 2018


The city is looking for a candidate with the right kind of gruff to become Edmonton's first official "goat co-ordinator."

(Thanks to Bob Brogan and Roberto)


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..engage Edmontonians in all that is Goats.. Sounds like a b-a-ad idea.

Three Billy Goats Gruff?

Don't call any seniors who apply "old Goats."

It would get them rattled and angry!

That college education is about to pay off!

Hire Bill Murray. He ain't afraid of no goats..

"Greatest Of All Time" Coordinator? What's wrong with that?!?...

To be successful at this job, you have to have studied goat philosophy from an early age, starting with Play Doe.

This would be good training. Then you go on to be a high school principle.

Here's the chance to put that goat yoga experience to use.

I think they're just trying to get your goat.

One benefit would be with that many goats running around they are hard to count. The Internet has lots of goat recipes just in case one went 'missing.'

At a conference for paranormal investigators, the speaker was asking about the audience's experiences.
"So, how many of you feel like you have talked to a ghost?"
Many hands go up.
"And of those, how many have touched a ghost?"
Some hands go down, some stay up.
"...And how many of you have had sex with a ghost?"
All hands go down except one.
"Please sir, come up here if you would and share your experience."
He walks up to the stage meekly.
"Sir, please tell us in your own words what it was like to have sex with a ghost."
"A ghost?"
"Sorry, I thought you said a goat."

I never knew that was an Edmonton joke before.

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