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February 12, 2018


RCMP searching for perogies stolen from Ukrainian Catholic Hall

(Thanks to Nelson from Michigan)


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They won't get far without sour cream or applesauce.

Perogies plundered, police perplexed

Same guy who stole the Keeshka..

Inspector Fenwick knows who to call.

Time to check e-B@y.

Reminds me of the Great Yooper Pasty Thief who ran wild in the Michigan U.P. in the winter of ought-three. Now DAT was some crime spree dere. They finally nailed him at a cafe in Escanaba, tryna fence some bootleg corn beef pasties.

Perogies go good with several nutria recipes, especially when they are served in a stew.

Yum, they were delicious.

--The late Rob Ford


Did they look under the mayo packets? Next to the Glock?

"Pirogi pilfering perps in purgatory"

Stealing perogies from a Ukranian Catholic Hall, not just a crime, it is a SACRILEGE!
(and so tasty, too.)

Major snork at Sean in Akron. Superb.

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