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February 10, 2018


Aquarium captures video of octopus birth

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Alternate possible comments:

1. Tenta-cool.

2. "Hi, honey! We're looking forward to taking care of you until you're at least eightee– HEY! Where you goin'? Get back here, you little $#|+!"

I'm going with "EWWWWWW.'

Tell me, oh Octopus, I begs
Is those things arms or is they legs?
I marvel at thee, Octopus;
If I were thou, I’d call me Us.

Ogden Nash

No one writes poetry about sea creatures like Ogden Nash.

A face only a mother could love.


Don't worry about those baby octopuses.They're going out well armed.

That is soooooo beautiful! *sniff*

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