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February 11, 2018


Bolivia's lonely frog: Scientists race to find mate for Romeo

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Before he croaks, I assume

Why are scientists racing to find him a mate when the dating service is perfectly capable of finding genetically challenged mates capable of saving any number of rare species?

Maybe they should have one of those rock star benefit concerts — they could call it the Sehuencas Lonely Frogs Club Band.

Maybe Clarence "Frogman" Henry would make an appearance.


"Hear that lonesome frog a cryin'. He sounds sad enough to die..."

Friends, there are many lonesome frogs like Romeo out there pining for mates. Now YOU can help. For only $19.95 a month you can become a supporter of Frogmates. With your help and support we can soon enjoy the silence of the frogs.

One is the loneliest number.

He needs to find a female frog before he Kermits suicide.

I think I've already dated him.

I've got to say that his appearance works against him. "But he's a good provider and has a great personality..."

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