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February 02, 2018


A man learned not to mess with monkeys in India the hard way – after he was dropkicked to the floor by an angry primate for flipping his middle finger at it.

(Thanks to Fabian Marson)

Kangaroo Takes Out A Bicyclist

(Thanks to John Lobert)

Dead Goose Falls From Sky, Sends Waterfowl Hunter To Shock Trauma

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Drew, coscolo and Patty Villanova)



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Cyclists and wildlife are natural enemies. Our most common yard pest, the majestic moose, gets quite enraged by the very existence of people riding bicycles. This makes using our trail system rather sporting for cyclists as the trails are in prime moose habitat. Serves those “On your left” shouting jerks right. Viva kangaroos and moose!

Was it a Flathead County goose migrating?

As I recall, Dead Goose used to open for The Byrds.

Flathead Chicken denies any involvement with dead falling goose.

The falling goose was featured on this mornings news. It was advised that hunters "don't go hunting alone".
My question is 'was this a zombie goose?'.

Our beloved dog, the mighty Athena, goes absolutely berserk whenever she sees anyone on either a skateboard or one of those scooters kids like to use. We have no idea why. Thus, I can understand the kangaroo obsession to take out a bicyclist- something just triggered and this was the result.

Ironically, the tragic accident could have been avoided had he heeded his fellow hunters' cries of "Duck...Duck...GOOSE!!"

If the hunter had been hit by a falling turkey instead of a goose he could blame WKRP.

Is there ANYTHING in Australia that is not dangerous?

Regarding the monkey, it's a good thing the guy didn't pull his lower eyelid down at it.

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