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February 27, 2018


Bronx DA’s office overrun with sex, booze and fights, employee says

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "They say this like it's a bad thing.")


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Fighting crime starts at home.

Where do I send my resume?

Employee Perks. Why don't more companies do this?

My favorite episode of Perry mason: Hamilton Burger Puts the Whopper to Della Street.

Be honest. If you worked in the Bronx DA's office, how would you feel?

Sounds like the White House....

In a movie it's crusty, wacky fun. In real life it's a stinking nightmare and a disgrace.

Maybe they took the TV show NIGHTCOURT as an instructional video.

A Bronx Tail

Barney Miller, the lost episodes.

Count me as one Bronx boy who wishes he had gone into law instead of engineering.

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