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January 09, 2018


Florida man caught with 'full rack of ribs' in his pants, police say

(Thanks to floridamatt)


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...or are you just glad to see me?

Bet it was really just short ribs.

It's party time!

A further search uncovered nine pieces of fried chicken, two packs of hamburger buns and some mashed potatoes. It's like having a picnic.

I never took Anatomy, but that doesn't seem like where most people carry their ribs. Or did he just pull his waistband up to his armpits?

I think this guy is lucky the cops showed up before a pack of hungry dogs started chomping on him.

Ribbed for her pleasure...

The prison psychologist will write in his chart that he can't take a ribbing.

Sounds more like a sausage fest. The best of the wurst?

I would rather expect a woman with a "full rack".

Qaz, not down there you wouldn't.

There's a euphemism I haven't heard before.

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