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January 31, 2018


Virgin Atlantic offers 'love suites' on NY flights

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Mile High Club isn't worth joining if they make it easy.

So they're offering Not A Virgin flights.

Madonna will NOT be kicking off the inaugural flight.

This is only going to make the whole emotional support animal issue more complicated.

That seductive deer from a few weeks ago might want to take advantage.

Imagine it is your job to "service" the Love Suite. Rubber gloves and bleach would not be enough.

Love Boat was a better idea.

*Snork* at Frank

Speaking of which, how much do they charge to handle the emotional baggage?

If stored in the overhead compartment, no charge. If it won't fit, then you have to check it for $35 fee.

Gives a new meaning to "full upright and locked position."

But will you be able to be able to bring your emotional support peacock though?

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