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January 12, 2018


GM says it's mass-producing cars without steering wheels

(Thanks to Bill Carver)


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I wonder what these cars will do when you have to go somewhere and there's 2 ft of snow in the roads ? Will they be like a camel and refuse to budge ? (not sure where I came up with camels...)

Should be good for manufacturers of those little toy ones with the red " meep meep " horns. Everyone will want one.

So who's ahead?

Will it text for me too?

I've this recurring dream for forty years. Now if i can just find that road that goes vertical...

Some years ago a guy who worked for the company I managed had a car with no steering wheel. He was so upset someone had stolen it while he was in a bar, he called the cops. When they arrived they found him sitting in the back seat of his car, drinking beer and ranting about no steering wheel. He later called me from jail to bail him out.
Surprisingly this didn't happen in Flathead County.

Steering wheels are not necessary.

Gee, I would think a better title of this thread would be, "Why Is Florida mass producing drivers without brains?" Wouldn't knowing the answer to that question help us better understand the underlying problem?

So GM goes from producing a car where the steering wheel falls off (Chevy Cruze) to one that doesn’t even try to have one. Good job!

Because that's who GM will sell them to?

Then one day the car says, "Sorry Dave, I can't open the door for you".

Electric car. Hope it comes with a trunk full of D cells to get you home.

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