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January 08, 2018


Japanese invention lets you share your baby’s bowel movements online with the push of a button

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Oh boy is this some new excitement to start off 2018. (ha)

I think the upload would be rather messy

Man, just when you think the Japanese can't get weirder.

Just make sure you wash your hands before pushing that button.

What's pathetic (and disgusting) is that a lot of new parents have already been doing this on their own.

Just when you think there couldn't be more crap on the Internet, this comes along.

Explains why everyone I have met since 2014 is on their phone.

bonus comment: I have a smart phone which I use mostly to block phone solicitors.

Remember the good old days when everybody didn't feel the need to share everything in their lives? I miss them.


I'm waiting for an online burial app.

I just farted. Thought you might like to know.

@ Gustav A. Honkentooter-
A short poem to accompany your fart:

A fart is a pleasant thing
it gives the belly ease
it warms the bed in winter
and suffocates the fleas

A fart can be short
a fart can be long
some farts have been known
to sound like a song

Warning: it's probably rigged to automatically order cases of diapers through Amazon. A nursing home version will be available soon...

This may be the exception to the rule that sharing is caring.

You have to manually press a button with this gizmo. Apple is developing a bluetooth version for IOS that will work automatically. It's called iPoop.

This would have been a wonderful addition to Dave's holiday gift guide.

What if Trump starts using this??

I think "Baby's Bowel Movements" was Sir Mix-A-Lot's failed follow-up to "Baby Got Back."

I’m sure I saw Japanese Infant Bowel Movement open for The Vapors. Perhaps they were a bit ahead of their time.


There. Fixed that for ya.

"Hey, hit me up. BM me."

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