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January 19, 2018


I've gotten a number of hits from your blog, and I will never turn down traffic from someone I've admired for as long as I can remember, but unfortunately my site is pure, hyper-local satire.

"Cold enough to chip a nipple" is something people in Maine say. I wrote the piece expecting it to bomb on the site, and only appeal to a limited number of my personal friends. It's now my biggest performing piece by a long shot. Orders of magnitude. Hopefully I can be linked from your blog again because you find my work completely hilarious, but in the meantime, I am oddly sad to have to report Maine is not actually suffering an epidemic of chipped nipples.

Thank you so much,

Seth Macy


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Most of us bloggers are published authors on the subject of temperature impaired Chipped Nipples. Hope this explains everything.

I believe manual tomato used this title in one of his mysteries: THE Chip IN THE NIP Caper.

Hey, remember last year when Le Petomane penned that searing page turner under the name, Vanessa 'Freeze' Feliz. If not, this could be the onset of Alzheimer's.

"a number of hits from your blog."

Does that mean he rolls it up and puffs on it?

Be kind enough to return that emergency of nipple mittens I knitted then.

Slipped nip sinks chip.

You mean I duct taped my nipples for nothing?

David H- I hope you remembered to apply gauze before the tape.


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