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January 08, 2018


Burning spider causes apartment fire in Redding

(Thanks to Mike Schaub)


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"Burning Spider" would be a great name for a sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll fueled festival somewhere in the desert.

Is this Mother Nature's version of Burning Man? Whatever happens...

Hendrix lit the spider on fire. The Who put the thing out. An inspired Otis Redding looked on taking it all in from the Dock. He wrote this song about it, but no knows exactly when. At some point everyone was standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ., the hatchery of supergroup Burning Spider. At a nearby Jack in the Box, dubbed Alice's Restaurant, you coulkd get anything you want. Burning Spider was engulfed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sometime around the time Otis Redding wrote the song.

I'll have whatever manual tomato is having.

Amazingly this happened in neither Florida or Australia.

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