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January 06, 2018


Taiwan Dentist Must Pay His Mother Nearly $1 Million for ‘Upbringing’

(Thanks to wanderer2575)


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No offering Live Fried Bass for a limited time.

MT —
Might be the wrong link, but it works here, too

Reminds of a great classic Roick song by Mama's Pride.

nursecindy is consulting a Taiwan lawyer as we speak.

Talk about an overbite.

Jeff, I'd do this but my kids would just ask me if they could borrow the money to pay me back.
I've always thought I should get combat pay considering every sentence my daughter said to me during her teenaged years started with, "You won't believe what just happened!"

She can take it out in dental care. With prices today, that should cover a couple of crowns and a root canal.

You may experience some discomfort.

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