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January 08, 2018


An Arizona woman is accused of firing shots at her husband who was sitting on the toilet.

Talk about scaring the s--t out of a person.

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes)


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From constipation to diarrhea in 2.2 seconds.

He probably left the lid up. He deserved it.

And she missed?

So now those long-deferred household chores will get done.

Article doesn't actually say whether she achieved her goal. Shoddy reporting.

She just wanted to shoot the shit.

What were the chances he was on a smartphone at the time?

Also, it sounds like he needs more fiber in his diet, not lead.

I'm listening. Flush the story out....

Talk about scaring the s--t out of a person.

Alternative to MoviPrep? Dave should write a follow-up column.

She was shooting at a stool pigeon?

"He won't listen"
After a gun goes off in his ear he can't hear you. Duh

And she missed?
She thought he was taller!

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