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January 23, 2018


Hawaii governor took 15 minutes to correct false nuclear missile alert because he FORGOT his Twitter username and password

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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In the fifties, sirens blew the all clear. We were more backward then, I guess.

Somehow, nothing like this could have happened in the '50s.

You mean it wasn't "PASSWORD"?

Now he logs in with @governortwit and Ijust$h!tmypantz#2,...

He's lucky it wasn't his Apple ID and PW.

He who is without memory loss cast the first stone.

*Snork* at MOTW.

So our nuclear alert system is dependent on twitter. I'll sleep better tonight.

He didn't put a sticky note on his screen?

SNORK at what’s his name

At first he thought he was supposed to use Facebook but quickly remembered Facebook is for a meteor strike and Instagram is for a zombie apocalypse.

In case of Rapture, post to Dave Barry blog since all the blog readers wouldn't notice.

I'm with OldPhil. I thought everybody wrote their passwords on a sticky note and then taped it to the bottom of their laptop. Nobody would think to look there! Plus, I have a slight case of CRS (Can't Remember S**t) so it works for me.

Hey, the next governor election in Hawaii is on November 6.
If he runs for re-election, I'm sure his opponent won't bring this up!

Actually, I have so many damn passwords I have a tablet with 6 pages of the things. It's in the top drawer of my desk, in case you need it.


And now that Twitter is how we find out everything including foreign policy, heaven forbid anyone should be so old-school as to get urgent news out by radio, TV and/or newspapers.

I'll bet his ATM PIN is right at his fingertips, though.

If it ever occurs to Putin to nuke Twitter, we're toast.

One of my favorite (non-Blog) sites: https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/hawaii.png

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