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January 11, 2018


Woman returns Christmas tree in January 'because it's dead' - and store bizarrely gives her full refund

(Thanks to funny man)


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Hey my Big Mac wrapper is empty! I want a refund.

This is what gives rise to incredible intelligence numbing warning tags. Wait and see - next year, there will be a tag on the live trees that the Store is not responsible for idiots who do not understand that when you cut a live plant or flower off from its roots, IT WILL DIE and the Store will not offer a refund for it.

Can you imagine someone returning a floral arrangement ten days after delivery because the flowers were dead?

It's dead, Jim.

Jeff Meyerson sent this to me the other day and I thought it was a joke because surely people aren't this stupid. Costco should have made them sign a paper stating they understood they would no longer be allowed to buy any type of plant or tree from their stores. I would have told them where to stick the tree.

I understand they do the same thing with car batteries---providing you have a Costco receipt.

These big box stores return policies are funded by their vendors. The stores just turn around and don't pay those vendors when something is returned. We used to sell house plants to a store that rhymes with "sews". We got a vendor debit from them for a returned plant 4 years after we had shut down that business. I do have to say though, in this case, "It WAS pining for the fjords"

Outcome based payments are the rage these days.

They told me all the needles had to be on.

Did she have a death certificate signed by a tree surgeon?

Thank you...

I'm going to try this with my Thanksgiving turkey.

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