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January 31, 2018


Freshly squeezed! Police seize four tonnes of oranges packed in the back of a car and van

(Thanks to Fabian Marson, Al Barkafski, Dorkfish, Le Petomane, Jon Harris and MOTW)


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Orange theft is a known phenomenon in Spain where price spikes in the succulent citrus are sometimes accompanied by a rise in the crime.

No one give them directions Flathead County.

I would have written a poem about the dashing Spanish orange thieves, but I couldn't come up with a rhyme for "orange."

They had so many oranges
It almost broke the doorhinges

You had me at "freshly squeezed."

The Great Spanish Orange Robbery.

Unfortunately it will never make a major motion
picture. A Carl Hiassen book however, is a distinct

Hey buddy you want to trade those dirty old Krugerrands for some nice fresh oranges?

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